‘HELP! My Car is Killing Me – Review of new ebook

I have just been sent the link to a new Ebook which is about advice to limit back pain when driving. Its currently free for a limited time as I understand it. My review is:

Simple, knowledgeable practical advice – what we all would like in our daily lives when trying to limit back pain. This ebook – ‘HELP! My Car is Killing Me’ gives drivers advice which is easy to understand, easy to put into practice and will help us to limit and deal with any nagging pain which arises from driving. I am sure it will also help people to manage their own pain which can arise in every day situations, not just from driving – something which is a win-win situation for everyone! An essential read for all drivers. Enjoy!


Here is a link to the current FREE eBook:5 copy

“HELP! My Car Is Killing Me; Top Tips For A Healthier Drive”
(copy/paste into your web browser – http://bit.ly/1rKbJiL)


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