Cure No. 3, Massage

Therapeutic Massage

You are in pain. You are unable to exercise in any effective way that doesn’t hurt your back or neck. You regularly go back to see your trusty back ‘fixer’ but can’t seem to have the ‘final’ appointment where everything has been fixed. You want someone else to do something for you which doesn’t involve taking a tablet or much effort on your part. You want to be able to relax. You need a break from your situation.

Massage therapist working at a Triathlon in Fr...

Massage therapist working at a Triathlon in Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many reasons for having a therapeutic massage. Professional sports men and women have massages all the time to help in their performances. In the UK you have a task to hunt down a ‘massage therapist’ who has in depth knowledge of their profession, they do however exist! In the US, massage therapists seem to be more respected and I have even been referred by a physiotherapist to a massage therapist because of my requirements at that time. I can’t see that happening at the moment in the UK!

In my view, all the reasons in the top paragraph are valid at any particular point. For me, regular massage sessions extended the time between my debilitating spasms and reduced the pain I had. At that stage, before I found ‘Cure No. 1 and ‘Cure No. 2′, massage was a life saver. I will continue to have therapeutic massages (currently the hydrotherm type) until or maybe still after I have become able to exercise my muscles safely myself without hurting my spine. It will always be a weapon in my armory for helping me manage my own situation. (See also the post ‘Sports Accessory!’)

(Sarah does not have a medical background so it is emphasised that her blog is the result of her experiences and listening to others only. Before doing any of the suggestions contained in her blog, check with your doctor if you have any concerns on how they may affect you)


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